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How to Connect to Your VPS with sFTP

As an alternative to SSH, you can use sFTP to connect to your VPS. sFTP (or FTP over SSH) uses the same login credentials and port as SSH, except it is usually used with FTP clients (like FileZilla for Windows, or Transmit for OS X). sFTP provides a graphical interface and the benefits of an FTP client's ease-of-use, though it lacks the versatility of a command line.

To access your VPS via sFTP, follow these steps:

  1. Open your preferred FTP client.
  2. If available, choose the sFTP connection protocol; otherwise, enter the following connection details:
    • Host: [VPS main IP address]
    • User: root
    • Pass: [root password]
    • Port: 22
You may also connect with any other user that you've setup on the VPS, for example a user account created in WHM/cPanel.

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