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Install and Run UnixBench on CentOS or Debian VPS

UnixBench is a popular server benchmarking tool. To install and run UnixBench, just do the following (for CentOS):

# yum install gcc gcc-c++ make libXext-devel

# wget -c http://byte-unixbench.googlecode.com/files/unixbench-5.1.2.tar.gz

# tar xvzf unixbench-5.1.2.tar.gz

# cd unixbench-5.1.2

# make

# ./Run

UnixBench should begin running tests and output a final score. For Debian/Ubuntu:

# apt-get install libx11-dev libgl1-mesa-dev libxext-dev perl  perl-modules make

# wget http://byte-unixbench.googlecode.com/files/unixbench-5.1.2.tar.gz

# tar xvf unixbench-5.1.2.tar.gz

# cd unixbench-5.1.2

# ./Run




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